Floor Dressing

Sissons Floor Dressing is a polyurethane-based transparent plastic coating which gives an impressive finish on interior wooden surfaces. Its exceptionally hard wearing properties makes it the ideal finish for parquet floors. It is also suitable as a general purpose varnish for use on all interior wooden fitting and furniture, be it as a new coating or for redecoration.

Sissons Floor Dressing is available in Glossy or Satin finish.


Adequate surface preparation should be carried out before application. Ensure surfaces to be painted are dry, clean and free from loose or peeling parts, grease, wax or other contaminants.

Wooden surfaces should be smoothened by using a plane and/or sandpaper then dusted-off clean before paint application.

For redecoration, ensure that the previous coating is in good condition and is compatible to be overcoated with Sissons Floor Dressing. Slightly abrade the area to be re-painted with fine grit sandpaper then dust-off clean before painting to maximise adhesion and durability properties. Otherwise remove the previous coating via chemical or mechanical means then treat as per new surface

NOTE: If chemical means was used, re-clean and ensure no traces of it remain on the substrate before painting.

Wooden Surface

2 – 3 coats of Sissons Floor Dressing Glossy or Sissons Floor Dressing Satin

When painting, adhere to the abovementioned recommended spreading rate as much as possible. Avoid applying too thick per coat as this may adversely affect the drying process. Several thin coats will always give a better result than a single thick coat.



Theoretical Coverage Up to 16.4 square meters per litre per coat

Expected Practical Coverage

Based on 25% Loss Factor

Up to 12.3 square meters per litre per coat

 Actual spreading rate will vary due to factors such as method and condition of application e.g. surface profile, absorption or roughness.


Application Techniques 

Brush, Conventional Spray. Ensure that the paint is thoroughly stirred before use, especially for Floor Dressing Satin, in order to avoid discrepancies in drying rates or gloss level.


Brush Ready for use as supplied.
Conventional Spray Dilute with 5 – 10% of Thinner by volume


Drying Time 

Touch Dry 2 – 3 hours
Hard Dry 8 – 10 hours
Recoating Time After 12 hours (if ventilation is poor, recoating should only be done after16 hours).

Cleaning Up 

Clean all equipment with suitable cleaning thinner immediately after use.

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