Sissons Masterpiece is a uniquely designed paint to give walls an exquisite wallpaper-like artistic finish. It has been formulated for easy application and safe handling. This extremely durable finishing has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and is free from highly hazardous matters such as formaldehyde and heavy metals. It is suitable and recommended for interior cementitious walls.

Wall surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and free from loose and flaking materials. Remove fungus and all loose and powdery residues with a wire brush under running water or a high presure water jet. Areas affected by fungus and algae growth should be treated with Sissons Anti-Mould Solution. Seal with one (1) coat of Sissons Alkali Resisting D Primer where high alkalinity is present. Do not paint on walls where moisture is high or during wet weather.

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