Sissons SilkGlo is premier quality paint that gives interiors a soft silky sheen. Formulated to be highly durable and washable, Sissons SilkGlo is the ideal protection and finishing for interior areas where cleaning is a perquisite –  the kitchen, children’s room, reception area, office partitioning and decorative materials such as glass fabric or wall coverings


Surface preparation should be properly carried out before application. All loose, flaking, chalking or friable materials should be removed. Make good any defects and ensure that the substrate is clean and free from contaminants, such as oil, grease, grime and fungal growth.

For new surfaces, ensure that the substrate is sufficiently dry (below 16% moisture) prior to paint application.

For redecoration, ensure that the previous coating is in good condition, otherwise remove via water-jet and/or scraping then treat as per new surface.

New Surface

Primer 1 coat of Sissons Alkali Resisting D’Primer or Sissons Ecolux Ecoprime Sealer
Finish 2 coats of Sissons SilkGlo


Primer 1 coat of Sissons Ecolux Ecoprime Sealer or Sissons Basecoat Sealer
Finish 2 coats of Sissons SilkGlo2 coats of Sissons Masonry Paint

Problematic Surface

Primer 1- 2 coats of Sissons Powerkote Primer (Solvent-Based)
Finish 2 coats of Sissons SilkGlo

If the substrate colour is uneven, or in the case of re-decoration there is a radical change in colour, an additional coat of finishing may be required.



Theoretical Coverage Up to 11.8 square meters per litre per coat

Expected Practical Coverage

Based on 25% Loss Factor

Up to 8.8 square meters per litre per coat

Actual spreading rate will vary due to factors such as method and condition of application e.g. surface profile or roughness.

Application Techniques

Brush, Roller, Airless Spray


Brush / Roller Ready for use as supplied. However, a dilution of 5 -10% water by volume is allowed       when necessary to assist application
Airless Spray Ready for use as supplied

Drying Time

Touch Dry ¾ hour
Hard Dry 1½ hours
Recoating Time After 2 hours

Cleaning Up

Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use.


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