Stone Clear Finish

Sissons Stone Clear Finish is a specially formulated multi-purpose acrylic clear coating designed to entrance and maintain the natural aesthetics of various residential, commercial and industrial surfaces. The incorporation of suitable and effective additives in this full gloss finish enables it to withstand harsh tropical conditions for extended periods of time.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Enhances/maintains the natural aesthetics of surfaces.
  • Ease of application either by brush, roller or spraying.
  • Moderately quick drying thereby making it feasible for outdoor application.
  • Mildew, fungus and algae resistant.
  • Resistant to moisture and UV-degradation which in turn gives better protective to the substrate itself.
  • Resistant to efflorescence, alkali or other chemical attacks.
  • Does not chalk, flake or peel-off.

Please take note that for the application of any painting or coating system, proper and adequate substrate preparation is a must. Surfaces to be painted should be sufficiently dry and clean of loose materials, grease, wax or other contaminants such as pre-exisiting efforescence and mildew growth. Also please avoid painting under conditions which are not conducive for paint application and drying process i.e. extreme temperatures, high humidity or poor ventilation as these may impair film formation.


Adequate surface preparation should be carried out before application. All loose, flaking, chalking or friable materials should be removed. Make good any defects and ensure that the substrate is clean and free from contaminants, such as oil, grease, grime and fungal growth.

Always ensure that the substrate is sufficiently dry (below 16% moisture) prior to paint application.

For problematic surfaces, make good all major defects and/or remove excessive chalking before painting.

For redecoration or restoration works, ensure that the previous coating is in good condition and is compatible to be overcoated with Sissons Stone Clear Finish. Otherwise remove the previous coating via chemical or mechanical means then treat as per new surface

NOTE: If chemical means was used, re-clean and ensure no traces of it remain on the substrate before painting.


Wooden Surface

2 – 3 coats of Sissons Stone Clear Finish

When painting, adhere to the abovementioned recommended spreading rate as much as possible. Avoid applying too thick per coat as this may adversely affect the drying process. Several thin coats will always give a better result than a single thick coat.


If the substrate colour is uneven, or in the case of re-decoration there is a radical change in colour, an additional coat of finishing may be required



Theoretical Coverage Up to 12.2 square meters per litre per coat

Expected Practical Coverage

Based on 25% Loss Factor

Up to 9.1 square meters per litre per coat

Actual spreading rate will vary due to factors such as method and condition of application e.g. surface profile, absorption or roughness.

Application Techniques

Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray


Brush / Roller Ready for use as supplied.
Conventional Spray Dilute with not more than 10% of Thinner by volume

Drying Time

Touch Dry Within ½ hour
Hard Dry 3 – 4 hours
Recoating Time After 4 hours (if ventilation is poor, allow more time before recoating)

Cleaning Up

Clean all equipment with suitable cleaning thinner immediately after use.


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